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Rules and Regulations

Exhibitors making entries at the fair do so with full understanding that the Society accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to any of the exhibits. No liability can be assumed by the Society for any injury to persons or property on the Fair Grounds or in the buildings.   

Rules & Regulations 

1. Only one exhibit by any exhibitor in any class, other than livestock and horticulture is allowed. 

2. All animals are subject to veterinary inspection.  Sick animals or any animal showing evidence of foot rot, pink eye or any other ailments will be disqualified and are to be removed from premises.  Violation of this rule will result in all entries by the exhibitor in the class being disqualified. 

3. In any class of livestock for sires, the animal must be purebred or recorded, and if not registered must be eligible for registration, and tattooed or properly identified according to breed regulations. 

4. Age: In classes calling for calves or colts, the animal must be born on or after January 1 of the year of the fair.  Yearlings shall be born between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year, 2 years old – 2 years previous, etc. 

5. Age of Exhibitors: In any class where an age of exhibitor is stated, the age is to be taken from the exhibitor’s last birthday.  A JUNIOR shall be under 18 years. 

6. If any class has only one entry, the judge may place it as he wishes should he think it does not qualify for first place. 

7. Where classes call for pupils of certain grades, the grades given shall be the grade the pupil was in at the close of the term of the year of the fair. 

8. Any person wishing to protest any class must do so either to the committee or to the judge, before the class is judged or while it is being judged. 

9. All indoor exhibits are to remain in the hall until 3:30 p.m. 

10. All traveling trophies must be returned on or before fair day. 

11. Anyone riding a horse through the fair grounds while under the influence of liquor will be charged with disturbing the peace in a public place and prosecution may result. 

12. Any suggestions, complaints or comments must be presented in writing to D.D.A.S. Box 99, Darwell, AB T0E 0L0. 

13. All trophies and banners will be presented the weekend of the fair with some exceptions. 

14. In classes where the offspring is to be shown with the female, the female to be shown would be the female that bore the offspring.