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Event Parking Information.

Important!!  Please do not park along the highways on the shoulders and in ditches.  Law enforcement will tag and tow your vehicle.

Reminder!  Camping is only allowed in designated camping area!!  

Please do not block any driveways or approaches.

Handicapped and VIP parking please use North entrance off Hwy633 and you will be directed to a spot.

There are parking lots at the hall, West of hall at water fill station, at the school, along service road South of hall, in small grass field just North of hall.

The largest free lot is East of the Fair grounds at the same entrance as the camp area on Hwy633.  This is a short walk to both BarnBurner and Ag Drag on a fully lit and marked walkway.

Please do not park at the Darwell Store or Restaurant as the parking is reserved for their clients.

Below is a map of parking areas.  Red  outlines the parking area and green is the walkway to the events from camp area and free parking.

Please do not drink and drive.  

Vehicles parked on the Fair grounds during BarnBurner must be moved by 9 am or risk being towed.  This is to allow our volunteers room to setup up for the Ag Drag and move large bleachers.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Enjoy the events!