Strengthening the values and advantages of rural life

Citizens of the Year

Ron and Deb Stewart


 Ron had been coming out to Lake Isle since the 70’s and became a full-time resident in 1997 when he started building in South View. Debbie started coming out weekends in the mid 90’s. We met in 1999 as neighbors and quickly became friends. It was like a classic fairy tale – she had a boat and he had indoor plumbing – a match made in heaven. We were married in the summer of 2002 on our boat at the cabin.

Both of us have volunteered most of our lives off and on for different work and community groups or clubs. After attending a few events in the community, we decided we should get a little more involved. That’s when we started to volunteer for the Darwell Ag. Society.  A couple of years later we became members of the Darwell Ag. Society and we continue to be members. Through being involved we have come to know and appreciate the people and businesses of the community and realize how important coming together as a whole really is. We are proud to be in this community and honored to be chosen as citizens of the year.

We believe volunteering is the loom that weaves the fabric of our community.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to Ron and Deb Stewart.